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The Damaging Effects of Hard Water and Pool Water on Your Hair

Have you ever thought about how hard water or pool chemicals effect the health of your hair? Well, I'm going to give you the 411 AND give you a quick and easy solution to make your hair brighter and healthier for the summer!

Hard Water 🚿

The biggest problem facing those with hard water is the buildup it can leave behind on both our hair and our scalps. The buildup of excess minerals can not only weigh your hair down, making it look flat and lifeless, but can also make your strands feel drier and more brittle, which we all know can only lead to one thing: damage (and yes, frizz). Hard water is also notorious for interfering with hair color, causing it to become dull, faded, and in some cases, even discolored, while long-term exposure may also cause it to become less manageable (also never a good thing).

Pool Water & Minerals 🏖

Did you know, over 85% of the United States is shampooing with hard water, which is packed with minerals and harsh chemicals that wreck major havoc on their hair and scalp. Hard water is the worst offender, but even well water, soft water, city water, whatever water, has minerals that will affect your hair color and texture! Not to mention pool water minerals are “positively charged” and attracted to hair strands, which have an innate negative charge. Also, when you bathe or shower in warm water your hair’s outer cuticle layer opens. Trace minerals can lodge in the openings.

But don't worry, cause you know I've got you covered! I'm going to show you how you can PREVENT summer damage before it even happens. You will need a couple products in your arsenal and I'm going give you the low down on what they do and how to use them!


Remove all of it in 3 minutes!

Dream Filter

Don't worry, you know I've got you covered! Stop in the salon or order Dream Filter on my website!

This pre-shampoo mineral removing spray works in 3 minutes or less to gently detox your hair of clingy minerals and metals. Dream Filter acts like a magnet, attracting minerals and metals to the surface of your hair before encapsulating them for ease of washing away. BONUS: Unlike harsh and drying chelating shampoos that rough up your hair, Dream Filter ONLY targets minerals and metals, leaving the integrity of your hair untouched. So you’re not just left with lighter, brighter color but a softer, silkier texture, too.


  • Anyone who has hard water or well water, or swims in chlorinated pools.

  • Blonde, grey, or white natural or color-treated hair.

  • Any shade of color-treated hair that looks orange, brassy, greenish.


  • Gentle treatment works in under 3 minutes

  • Removes minerals (found in well water/hard water) that darken and distort your color

  • Leaves hair softer, silkier, brighter

  • No sulfates, no parabens, cruelty-free, gluten-free, vegan

  • Gentle formula for healthier hair and scalp


Apply to dry hair before shampooing. Spray evenly to saturate hair thoroughly. Wait 1-3 minutes, then shampoo. For best results, use Color Wow Color Security Shampoo and Color Security Conditioner.

Here's a Youtube video that tells you all about it!


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