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The BEST Shampoo For Your Baby

I get asked all the time, "What shampoo do you recommend for babies and toddlers?".

If you've been into the salon, you know how I feel about products that have unnecessary chemicals and additives. And if you haven't been to the salon, I DON'T LIKE THEM! 😉 I try to educate my clients on the importance of not only using good quality products but also understanding the importance of understanding the ingredients and why you don't want some of them in your regimen.

These ideals are 100x more important for your little ones. We have the ability in todays world to be so much more knowledgeable about what we put in, and on, our bodies. You already know how important it is to take good care of your babies skin, but did you know the scalp is just as important? Let me get nerdy for a minute (that's my fave 😆)

Did you know that your skin is in a constant state of renewal? The outer layer of skin in constantly being shed and replaced with new cells. The average person sheds about 9 pounds of dead skin cells each year! Gross... can you even imagine? 😷 And part of that is coming from your scalp.

Once your baby is born they start shedding skin cells, so it's important for their scalp to be gently cleansed regularly to avoid buildup. You'll want to use something as gentle as possible to cleanse without stripping the skin of all of its' moisture. And that's why I love Honest Shampoo + Body Wash for little ones!

The Honest Company's hypoallergenic body wash and shampoo doesn't contain harmful chemicals that irritate your baby's sensitive skin. It checks all the boxes for me:

  • Phthalate Free

  • Paraben Free

  • Dye Free

  • No Synthetic Fragrance

  • No Formaldehyde Donors

  • SLS/SLES Free

  • Tear Free

  • Hypoallergenic

  • Naturally Derived Ingredients

This is the only brand of shampoo/skin products I buy for baby showers. My favorite scent is the Sweet Orange Vanilla! Anytime I babysit my niece and it's a bath night, 🛁 this is what we use. I just really love how when she gets out of the tub, her skin and hair feels soft and not dried out! It's so important to keep the skins PH in balance especially at that age to help avoid unnecessary skin and scalp conditions.

They also have other amazing products like lotions, diapers and wipes, pre and post natal products, cleaning supplies, beauty products and more! The Honest Company was founded by actress Jessica Alba when she felt like she couldn't find a brand that she could trust for all of her everyday needs, so she created it. They even have an " Honest Standard" of safety and transparency that I really appreciate. 💯

If you're looking for a great baby shower gift, first birthday present or Christmas gift, here are a few great ideas. Just click the link to go directly to the website! And now through Oct. 5th you can get FREE SHIPPING on any Honest purchase with code FALLFLASH.

🔹Mini Diaper Cake 🔹Ready, Safe, Go Family Set 🔹Bathtime with Baby

I hope this blog post gives you a little insight on why using a shampoo that is free of unnecessary harsh chemicals is so important for your little ones. If you have any other scalp questions or concerns, feel free to reach out on Instagram or Facebook!

Have a great week!

~ Tori

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