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Say Goodbye to Winter Dryness

Is anyone else over the crazy Texas weather? Winters like this can be tough on your hair. Between

the dry, chilly air and the constant heat from your heater, it's no wonder that your locks are feeling parched. Our crazy weather can take a toll on your hair, leaving it dry, brittle, and in need of some TLC. But don't worry, we've got you covered with the best solutions for restoring your hair's natural moisture and shine.

Here are some home hair care tips to prevent excess winter dryness:

1. Avoid Hot Showers

Ok, I know this sounds crazy. Hot showers may feel like a luxurious treat in the cold winter months, but they can actually be doing more harm than good when it comes to your hair. The high heat of the water can strip your hair of its natural oils, leaving it dry and brittle. This is especially problematic in the winter when the air is already dry, making your hair more susceptible to damage. To protect your hair, consider clipping it up while you take the hottest part of your shower, or simply adjusting the temperature so it's not scalding hot when washing your hair. It's important to remember that if the hot water dries out your skin, it's likely doing the same to your hair. Making small changes like this can help keep your hair healthy and hydrated all winter long.

2. Use a Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner

Have you considered having a winter shampoo and conditioner set? If you're already a Color Wow user, I would definetly recommend trying our Oligo Moisture Balance products. Formulated with a blend of nourishing ingredients like glycerin, shea butter, and vitamin E, this dynamic duo is designed to add moisture and hydration to your hair while balanacing the PH. The shampoo works to gently cleanse your hair, removing excess oil and impurities, while the conditioner helps to restore its natural moisture balance. The result is soft, silky, and healthy-looking hair that is full of shine and vitality. Whether you have naturally dry hair or your hair has become dry due to environmental factors, Oligo Moisture Balance Shampoo and Conditioner is the perfect solution for restoring its natural moisture and health. Grab your set in the salon today or do a curbside pickup HERE.

3. Use a Deep Conditioning Treatment

The B3 Intensive Repair Treatment is a must-have for anyone looking to nourish and protect their hair during the harsh winter months. Formulated with a blend of nurturing ingredients like keratin, vitamins, and hydrating agents, this treatment deeply moisturizes and repairs damaged hair. The result is hair that is stronger, healthier, and more vibrant, even in the face of harsh winter conditions. Whether you have experienced significant winter damage or just want to give your hair an extra boost of nourishment, the B3 Intensive Repair Treatment is a great option. I recommend using this once a week or every other week depending on the health of your hair. This is the ONLY take home treatment I recommend at the salon. Grab your set in the salon today or do a curbside pickup HERE.

4. Use Heat Protection

Using heat protection is essential during the winter months, especially if you use hot tools like hair dryers, straighteners, or curling irons. These tools can cause significant damage to your hair, leaving it dry, brittle, and prone to breakage. That's where heat protection products come in. They help to create a barrier between your hair and the hot tools, reducing the amount of damage and keeping your hair healthy and beautiful. Almost all Color Wow products offer heat protection. Products like the Color Wow Cocktails provide heat protection while also given 3 different set of benefits based on your hair needs.

Grab your set in the salon today or do a curbside pickup HERE.

I hope this give you some great tips on how to keep your hair healthy and moisturized during these last few weeks of winter. Of course, it is Texas, so we never really know when the last freeze will be. :)

<3 - Tori


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