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Halloween Wigs & Pretty Nerdy Gifts

Some of you might not know that I have a second business, Pretty Nerdy Gifts. It started out as a side business where my husband and I would go to comic cons and sell wigs, hats, jewelry and other gifts. It was a lot of hard work, toting all of our racking and inventory around to a different con every few weekends, but we had so much fun!

Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, all the comic cons were cancelled this year. 😢 We were ramping up to 2 comic cons a month before this which doesn't sound like much, but it would be a Friday through Sunday job. Whew! But it was so much fun. We got to meet a lot of people and some of the cons would have "celebrities". My husband, if you haven't met him, is a social butterfly so he couldn't wait to get out from behind the booth and go meet people.

In the past I've mostly kept my two businesses separate, but with the uncertainty of when things will go back to normal, I figured I'd share this side of my life with you! Wigs are a large part of my business. They are all a high quality synthetic blend, definitely not your typical party city wig. I carry all different sizes and styles. So I figured, why not let the two merge for a little while! we go. Take a look and let me know what you think!

Check out below my Pretty Nerdy Products for some cool Halloween 🎃 👻 recommendations!

This is only a small preview of everything I carry. I sell so many different things, covering a large selection of genres and fandoms. 😀 If you don't mind, would you share this with a friend? As the owner of 2 small businesses, word of mouth is always extremely helpful! If you've got a free minute, could you head over and follow me on Facebook and/or Instagram? 💋

Speaking of Halloween, if you're looking for a fun nail polish 💅 check out these amazing polishes from ORLY! They are known for they're amazing polishes but they've also got some cool GLOW-IN-THE-DARK colors that can go on top of any polish shade! This would be so amazing for those little trick or treaters!

They've also got a really cool subcription box! If you're a polish fiend, this was MADE for you! You get 4 boxes a year plus special bonuses and it's only $119 a year. That makes each polish only around $8. 🤩 Click the pics to shop!

What are you guys going to do about Halloween this year? I hope that these kids can still somewhat enjoy their holiday. 😊

If you have any questions about wigs or anything else I carry, don't hesitate to send me a message!

💗 Tori

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