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Organized Stylist Movement
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Organized Stylist Movement
Tori Lenell Organized Stylist Movement


Step into your authentic beauty.

Tori Lenell Salon is more than just a place – it’s your haven, where we wholeheartedly celebrate your unique beauty. We’re all about keeping it real, embracing authenticity, and guiding you on a journey of self-care and discovery. Step into our cozy space where elevated styles and genuine warmth come together. Here, you’re not just a visitor; you’re part of a community that’s dedicated to making you feel empowered, beautiful, and authentically you.

Organized Stylist Movement

Are you looking for a stylist who 

Elevates your unique style with personalized expertise and genuine passion?

Your journey starts here at Tori Lenell Salon, where our mission is to empower you with

the knowledge that keeps your hair and scalp healthy, shiny, and vibrant long after you

eave the salon.


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Organized Stylist Movement

Certified Salon

Brazilian Blowouts

100% Customized

Color & 



Haircuts &


Organized Stylist Movement
Brazilian Blowout Salon Fort Worth TX

What We Offer

Fort Worth Salon Tori Lenell | Hair Color Highlights Balayage
Organized Stylist Movement
Fort Worth Salon | Tori Lenell | Haircuts Blow Dry | Blow outs
Organized Stylist Movement
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Experience the difference

Enjoy a personalized color journey.

At Tori Lenell Salon, we embrace all hair types and excel in transforming thick, frizzy, curly, or wavy textures. Whether you’re dreaming of bright blondes, rich brunettes, or anything in between, our expertise ensures a tailored color experience just for you. No one-size-fits-all here – each color is crafted uniquely to complement and enhance your individual style.


Tori has been my stylist for 8-plus years. She has consistently provided excellent service from balayage, all different types of cuts and grow outs, under-cuts, eye brow wax, and hair treatments. I have always come away feeling as I had 5 star treatment! Tori stays on top of her methods with continually taking classes and also being a resource for new stylist. She will shoot you straight in what she and your hair is capable of!

Jaryn N.

Organized Stylist Movement

Evolve your style for every season, or reason.

Style through the seasons

Organized Stylist Movement

Whether you’re ready to embrace a new season with a fresh style, eager for a bold cut or a splash of color, or simply craving a change, we’re here for you at Tori Lenell Salon. Our dedicated team loves collaborating with you to ensure you leave the salon feeling refreshed and renewed. Unsure about your next look? Let’s chat! Book a consultation, and together, we’ll discover the perfect transformation tailored just for you.


I can't wait to work


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